The 7 best things about Autumn

In Ireland, people say that you can experience four different seasons of weather in one day, and that’s true, but the Autumns here are beautiful especially when you’re lucky enough to catch a bit of sun.

Autumn in Ireland starts on the 1st of September and ends on the 30th of November, it’s harvest season, and you can treat yourself to fresh apples and potatoes from local farms and gardens. Also, Ireland has many beautiful forests where you can enjoy a walk amongst the golden leaves while keeping an eye out for red squirrels.

Everyone has their own favourite things that they enjoy about Autumn, and I’ve listed some of the best below:

  • 1. Breathing in the cool Autumn air

    the best things about autumn

    There’s a refreshing feeling when you step outside your front door in Autumn time when you take in a deep breath of the cool, sweet and smoky air. The Autumn air reminds me of the smell of a turf fire and makes me want to go on adventures in the forest.

  • 2. Wearing the cosiest of clothing

    the best things about autumn

    Autumn clothing is my best-loved clothing. Woolly coats, hats, and scarves – yes, please, and wearing these clothes in warm Autumnal tones, makes it even better. Autumn time for me is a great excuse to get all my boots back out of the closet and experiment with different layers that include chunky knit cardigans.

  • 3. Walking through fallen leaves

    The sound of crunching fallen leaves underfoot while you walk through a forest is bliss. Even my dog loves it and every time she sees a pile of golden leaves she gets so excited running around through them. I say to release your inner child and have some fun this Autumn – leaf fight anyone?

  • 4. Relaxing in front of an open fire

    the best things about autumn

    An open fire is one of the best parts of the Autumn experience. I love to go for long walks at the weekend and when I come home, kick off my muddy shoes and snuggle up in front of the open fire in my living room with a hot chocolate and blankets.

    It’s great when you get real logs for the fire as they have such a great crackling sound and you can see the sparks fly off them. My grandmother used to tell me that the more sparks you have when you stoke a fire the more money you’ll get in life.

  • 5. Watching box sets on TV

    the best things about autumn

    One of the best things about Autumn time is that there are new tv shows to watch, but I also enjoy watching my favourite old box sets.

    Band of Brothers is a big hit in our house, it’s such a great show and myself and husband started a tradition of watching it every year during Autumn. Another one that I indulge in when I’m on my own in the house is Gilmore Girls. However, I’m also looking forward to the new season of The Good Place, as I’ve loved Kristen Bell ever since she was in Veronica Mars.

  • 6. Eating hearty soups & stews

    the best things about autumn

    Soups and stews are so warming, healthy and yummy. The slow cooker is always on the go during Autumn in our house. One of my most favoured dishes is butternut squash soup. Butternut squash is in season during the Autumn and I make it using chicken stock and chillies to warm us up.

  • 7. Celebrating Halloween

    the best things about autumn

    Halloween dates back to Celtic times when Samhain was celebrated in Ireland. It means the end of Summer and was originally celebrated to welcome in the Winter.

    This holiday gives us an opportunity to decorate and welcome the neighbour’s and their kids to our home.

    It also gives me a great excuse to do some crafting. Last year I made a pumpkin light using a drill, that was fun, and I think I’ll have to do something similar this year.

Do you love Autumn as much as I do? My friends have told me that nothing beats relaxing in front of an open fire during this time of year, but I would have to say I love a walk in the forest through the fallen leaves even more.