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A Slow Holiday in Nice, France

Usually, my husband and I enjoy staycations instead of going abroad as we love exploring every inch of Ireland both North and South. However, this year was special for us as we celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary and I turned 40, and so to mark the occasion we decided to have a slow holiday abroad this Summer.

I had never been to France before, so it was definitely on my bucket list. We looked up the best places to go, and both agreed that Nice on the French Riveria ticked all the boxes for us including plenty of walks, the ocean and sunshine to relax in.

Nice Port

nice port france slow travel
slow travel nice france

On our first morning there we couldn’t wait to get out and explore, it was a pretty hot 37 degrees Celcius, but that didn’t deter us from walking to the picturesque Nice port where there were prettily painted local boats as well as luxury yachts moored.

That afternoon we headed to Promenade du Paillon to enjoy relaxing in the shade while the local kids cooled off in the many fountains. For our evening meal, we enjoyed some seriously yummy and very reasonably priced pizza at Tartine et Galinette on Rue Bonaparte.

Castle Hill

slow travel nice france
slow travel nice france

The next day we set off for a walk to Castle Hill to enjoy the beautiful views of Nice city and the Mediterranean ocean. We opted to climb up instead of getting the lift so we took our time and enjoyed the views. There was also a lovely man-made waterfall at the top to cool us off.

Nice Promenade

slow travel nice france
slow travel nice france

That evening we went for a walk on the promenade and even though it was very busy the atmosphere was lovely and relaxed. We both found that Nice was a very family-friendly place and that both the locals and tourists were pretty easy going. After our evening meal in Hard Rock Cafe, we sat on the pebble beach at the promenade while watching the many planes flying in and out of Nice airport, and the waves lapping on the shore in front of us.

Nice Coastal Path & Villefranche-sur-Mer

nice france coastal path
villefranche-sur mer
coastal path nice france
villefranche-sur mer

On the third day of our Nice holiday we decided to try and find the coastal path off Avenue Jean Lorraine, we set off from Nice port early in the morning and found the path easy enough, the views were magnificent and there were plenty of locals along the way who were soaking up the sun or out for a swim. It was very sunny though and with no shade, I was beginning to feel the heat.  We finally hit a dead end at Plage de la Palteforme and had to go back a bit and climb up some very steep steps to the road.

I can tell you by the time we got to the top of those steps, I was very happy to see a supermarket and ran in to cool off with air-con. I started getting some strange looks from the locals as the sweat was dripping off me but I didn’t really care, I was just so happy to be out of the sun. After we had a good rest, we decided to get a bus from outside the supermarket to Villefranche-Sur Mer, and after getting off at a few wrong bus stops and taking the wrong walking path we ended up on the lovely beach. I immediately jumped into the Mediterranean ocean and wanted to stay there forever.

Needless to say, we had a great long sleep that night, and we’ve had a good many laughs about the many missteps we took on our coastal path adventure in Nice since then. It was totally worth doing it for the views alone.

Old Nice

old town nice france
Slow travel blogger

On my 40th birthday we took it easy and did a little shopping around Jean-Medecin and spent the evening in Old Nice. We had a few drinks and watched a Manchester United game in Paddy’s Pub and Ronan was delighted as they won.


antibes france
antibes france
Antibes France
Antibes France

On the fifth day of our holiday we travelled to Antibes from Nice by train, the journey took us just over 30 minutes, and there were lovely views of the coast along the way. Antibes is popular with tourists for its quaint old town charm and sandy beach. We had a great time exploring the artisan shops and little side streets, even finding a gem of a cafe called Choopy’s that served us beautiful salads and chai lattes.

Winding Down

Nice Port France

Nice by night

On the last two days of our holiday, we slowed down even more and enjoyed evening walks through Old Nice, on the promenade and to the port.

We had a look into some of the touristy shops in Old Nice, where we were able to pick up some lavender sachets and tinned sardines to bring home, and had a lovely fish and chip dinner in the Fat Mermaid in Rue Droite.

Overall, we had a brilliant slow holiday and felt very refreshed and recharged afterwards. Throughout our week away we made plenty of time for rest, relaxation and watching the world go by. We didn’t try to see or do too much in any one day and kept plans loose so we could take our time enjoying every moment.

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