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When it comes to designing your online presence, the correct choice of typography plays an important role in building your brand. Your font choice can be traditional, modern, friendly or fun, but headings should be clear and paragraph text should be easy to read.

I’ve been a fan of using Google Fonts since their launch in 2010, mainly because they are open-source, easy to use and fast to load. The Google fonts directory is an excellent source of over 800 designer fonts that can be categorised by font type and sorted by trending, date added etc. On Google Fonts, you can also view popular pairings for each font in the directory.

Popular Handwritten Google Font Pairings

I’ve taken five handwritten fonts from the Google Fonts Directory and matched them with one of their most popular pairings below:

1. Pacifico & Oswald

Pacifico is a fun brush script inspired by surf culture and Oswald is a reworking of the ‘Alternate Gothic’ sans-serif typefaces. Both of these fonts have been principally designed by Vernon Adams.

2. Yellowtail & Roboto

Yellowtail is a loose flat brush script (Principal design: Astigmatic) and Roboto has both mechanical and friendly features (Principal design: Christian Robertson).

3. Indie Flower & Lato

Indie Flower is a handwriting font that feels bubbly and carefree (Principal design: Kimberly Geswein) and Lato is a sans serif which both means and has the feeling of Summer (Principal design: Lukasz Dziedzic).

4. Amatic SC & Josefin Slab

Amatic SC is a simple but effective hand drawn web font (Principal design: Vernon Adams) and Josefin Slab is a 1930’s style font with Scandinavian and typewriter elements (Principal design: Santiago Orozco).

5. Dancing Script & Open Sans

Dancing Script is a lively casual script (Principal design: Impallari Type) and Open Sans is a humanist sans-serif with a neutral yet friendly appearance (Principal design: Steve Matteson).

Using Handwritten Google Fonts

What are your favourite handwritten Google font pairings? Do you use a handwritten font on your web projects? I would love to hear what you think in the replies section below…

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