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Celebrate independent shops, artists, makers & small businesses JUST A CARD Indie Week 23–27 November 2020 The colourful, independent alternative to Black Friday!

In conjunction with Just a Card – Indie week let’s help promote Fermanagh’s Artists, Makers, Independent Shops & Small Businesses.

JUST A CARD is a grassroots campaign on a mission to encourage people to buy from artists, makers, independent shops and small businesses by emphasising that every sale, even just a card, is vital to their prosperity and survival.

JUST A CARD Indie Week encourages people to support, value and buy from independent businesses during the crucial Christmas retail period, which is more important than ever this challenging year.

Fermanagh Artists, Makers, Independent Shops & Small Businesses

Here’s a list of great local Fermanagh businesses you can buy from this Christmas. If you would like to be added to this list please contact me with your details or else you can message me on Instagram or Facebook @thequietwilderness.

Please feel free to share or copy this list for your own use so that we can promote Fermanagh’s small local businesses!

1 Amazing Grazing Food https://www.facebook.com/Amazing-Grazing-103867518152520
2 Angela Kelly Jewellery Jewellery http://www.angelakellyjewellery.co.uk/
3 Ann McNulty Pottery Pottery http://annmcnultypottery.com/
4 Arlene Marks Art https://www.facebook.com/arlenespaintings/
5 Barry McAdam Art https://barrymcadamartist.myportfolio.com
6 Barry Slevin Art https://www.facebook.com/barryslevinartprints/
7 Beautifully Bespoke by Fifi Art https://www.facebook.com/beautifullybespokebyfifi
8 Belleek Pharmacy Independent https://www.facebook.com/Belleek-Pharmacy-425915637609844
9 Belleek Variety Store Independent https://www.facebook.com/Belleek-Variety-Store-241801062642250
10 Camlake Canvas Art https://www.facebook.com/Camlake-Canvas-917632968257245
11 Cards ‘n’ Crafts Crafts https://www.facebook.com/CardsnCrafts/
12 Claire McNulty Art Art https://www.facebook.com/cmcnart/
13 Clare’s Craft Boutique Crafts https://www.facebook.com/Clarescraftboutique/
14 Deliciously Eatable Food https://www.facebook.com/maura.80
15 Douglas Hutton Art http://www.douglashuttonartist.co.uk/
16 Enniskinn Soap House Beauty Products https://enniskinn.com/
17 Ewe Momma Yarns https://www.ewemomma.co.uk/
18 Fermanagh Cottage Industries Independent https://www.facebook.com/Fermanagh-Cottage-Industries-600535553311294/
19 Fiona Kerr Jewellery https://www.fionakerrjewellery.co.uk/
20 Frances Morris Art https://francesmorris.com/
21 Gilmartins Craft Shop Independent http://www.thebelleekmailordercompany.com/
22 Gowan Books Independent https://gowanbooks.com/
23 Home, Field & Stream Independent https://hfs-online.com/
24 Inspired Scribbles Art https://www.facebook.com/inspiredscribbles/
25 Jo Tinney Art https://www.jotinney.com/
26 JONA Crafts Crafts https://www.facebook.com/JONA-Crafts-101979211635435/
27 Jordan Breen Art Art https://www.facebook.com/Jordanbreenart
28 KB Music Independent https://kb-music.com/
29 Kevin McHugh Art http://kevinmchughart.com/
30 Knitty_Mags Crafts https://www.facebook.com/KnittyMags
31 Krafty Little Fingers Crafts https://www.facebook.com/kraftylittlefingers/
32 LB Designs Crafts https://www.facebook.com/lorrainebirneydesigns/
33 Lilliputco Candles https://www.lilliputco.com/
34 Littlepaints2020 Art https://www.facebook.com/littlepaints2020
35 Lorna Smyth Art https://www.facebook.com/buttermarket5/
36 Marion Thomson Art https://www.marionthomson.co.uk/
37 Marjorie Leonard Art https://www.marjorieleonard.co.uk/
38 Martina’s Stitches And Jewels Crafts https://www.facebook.com/Martinas-Stitches-And-Jewels-2022751211383771/
39 Mary Prior Fine Art Art https://www.facebook.com/Mary-Prior-Fine-Art-280275498733448
40 Melvin pharmacy Independent https://www.facebook.com/melvinpharmacy
41 Michael Brown Art https://www.michaelbrownlandscapes.com/
42 Millinery by Diane Lee Millner https://www.millinerybydianelee.co.uk/
43 Monea Metal Design Metal Work https://www.moneametaldesign.com/
44 Nature’s Choice Independent https://www.facebook.com/natures.choice.enniskillen/
45 Nifty Fingers Fermanagh Crafts https://www.facebook.com/stitchedbyniftyfingers/
46 O’Se’ Crafts Crafts https://www.facebook.com/osheaelizabethann
47 Pretty Pots & Planters Crafts https://prettypotsandplanters.com/
48 Rooneys Giftstore Independent https://www.facebook.com/rooneygifts
49 Senga Sharkey Art https://www.instagram.com/senga.art/
50 The Natural Beauty Pot Beauty Products https://naturalbeautypot.co.uk/
51 Time and Thread Crafts https://www.instagram.com/time_and_thread/
52 Whiskey Wood Craft Wood Work https://whiskeywoodcraft.com/

JUST A CARD Indie Week Instagram Challenge prompts

The prompts are very easy to follow and specially designed to encourage you to share what you do, how you feel and promote your work and others with pride and confidence. You don’t need to be an artist, maker, independent shop or small business owner to take part. Everyone who values this message is welcome to join in.


Post a selfie or image of your place. Make sure you’re wearing your JUST A CARD pins or show our logo. Tell the world who you are and what you do.


Make an image using the JUST A CARD logo, and the @justacard tag. Encourage people to support and join our campaign. Use the image often, even after Indie Week. If you’re not feeling creative (go on!), then use one of ours from our website.


Tell people about the events, shows etc you’re part of. Encourage them to visit and buy from them. Share your own websites too, especially if you’re new to selling online due to current circumstances.


Our campaign is about being part of something which is bigger than ourselves. It’s about community and supporting others too. Use today to support, promote and champion other businesses too. Let’s work together to make the world a sunnier place for all.


The Independent Alternative to Black Friday. Friday is the day to buy, sell, promote, celebrate and SHOP INDEPENDENT. Post an image of your work, share your bestsellers, show people what you’ve bought, or are planning to buy. Anything which encourages people to support and buy from you and all independents. Have fun. Make friends and shop independent.

For more information visit on JUST A CARD: https://www.justacard.org/

Angela Chick Image: https://www.instagram.com/angela.chick.illustration/

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