30 Creative & Slow Living activities for Autumn

Autumn is a time of change, it is a great season for letting go of the old and starting something new. My friends and I always feel creative at this time of the year. The dark evenings lend themselves to slowing down, staying in, and working on new projects whether it being cooking, crafting, drawing or writing.

This list of slow-living activities has been created for you to try over the Autumn months. You may not be interested in every activity, but I hope you will find something that inspires you and that you will find at least one or two ideas a try.

1. Find an Autumn photo or painting that you like and list its different elements, what do you like most about each element, how could you use that element in a design of your own?

2. Collect Autumn leaves of different shapes, sizes and colours and arrange them together for a photograph or drawing.

3. In Ireland, during Autumn we celebrate Halloween, find out what other countries/cultures celebrate at this time of year.

4. Create a seasonal sense of place by bringing elements of Autumn into your workspace for inspiration.

5. Ask others what they like or dislike about Autumn. How does other people’s opinions of Autumn compare to your own?

6. Create an Autumn music playlist, is there a certain genre of music you like to listen to during Autumn, if so why do you think that is?

7. Recycle something old to make an autumn decoration for your house or workspace.

8. Make an Autumn wreath for your home out of paper.

9. List five things you love about Autumn. Why do you love them?

10. What is your favourite Autumn poem? Write your own Autumn poem or short story.

11. Make a cosy corner in your home for enjoying the Autumn evenings and weekends.

12. Jump around in fallen autumn leaves and listen to the noise they make underfoot. Think of adjectives to describe the different sounds you here.

13. Collaborate on a creative Autumn project with a colleague or some friends.

14. Write down at least three different things you can enjoy outdoors during Autumn.

15. Design a pair of socks that you could wear by the fire on a cold Autumn day.

16. Make something seasonal with apples like an apple pie or table centrepiece.

17. Think of three places in the world that you’d like to visit during Autumn. What would you like to do there and who would you bring with you?

18. What are three of your favourite Autumn scents, how can you bring them into your home or workplace?

19. Plan your perfect autumn walk. What trees and animals and birds would you like to see? What would the weather be like? What would you wear? Who would you bring with you? Get creative as possible and sketch out your walk on paper.

20. Design an Autumn outfit that you could wear on a weekend day out.

21. What is your favourite animal or bird to spot during Autumn? Draw a picture of it.

22. Go stargazing on a clear night and look out for plants and stars like Jupiter, Saturn and Orion’s belt (in the northern hemisphere).

23. Create an Autumn leaf garland to decorate your home.

24. Get creative with pumpkins by cooking them, craving them or making pumpkin flower vases.

25. Plant some flowering bulbs for next Spring such as Daffodils, Tulips and Alliums.

26. Forage for blackberries and add them to an element of your evening meal when you get home.

27. Create a new Autumn ritual that you can indulge in such as a scented bath, reading hour or spiced latte.

28. Cuddle up with your family and pets on the couch and binge-watch something on Netflix.

29. Make a decoration in your home or office from pinecones.

30. List five things that you’re grateful for this Autumn.