20 Creative Journaling Prompts

I love journaling first thing in the morning as it clears my head and sets me up in a positive way for the day ahead. Writing down your thoughts is also an excellent way of getting to know yourself better and teasing out any creative ideas that might be lingering at the back of your mind.

All you need is your favourite pen/pencil and a notebook or if you prefer you can use a screen. I like using spiral-bound notebooks as I can tear pages out to keep for later or discard. Of course, using notebooks is a brilliant way for me to indulge in my stationery addiction, but that’s another story…

Creative prompts are perfect for when you’re just starting out journaling and need a little direction, for times when you need a little inspiration, or just for focusing on a particular area or topic that would like to explore. Below you will find some of my best-loved creative journaling prompts that you can use on your own creative journey:

  1. Write down 5 places you love and 5 places you would like to visit.
  2. What are the words you associate with creativity?
  3. What creative work are you most proud of and why?
  4. When and where do you feel most creative?
  5. Name one thing you’d like to find out more about. What steps can you take to learn more about it?
  6. What is your favourite outfit to wear, why do you love it?
  7. What would you like to create if anything were possible?
  8. What is your favourite month/season and why?
  9. Describe your perfect day from morning until evening.
  10. Which books would you like to read?
  11. Name some simple tiny pleasures that you would like to enjoy more of.
  12. What colours most resonate with you?
  13. Create a playlist of 5 songs that inspire you.
  14. Plan an adventure or a creative date just for yourself and write down a list of everything you’d like to do.
  15. What’s your favourite thing that you like to photograph? Make a list of photography project ideas.
  16. What did you try today that was new?
  17. Create the next chapter of your life story, what would you like that to be?
  18. Write down 5 great things about the place that you live (county/community/people/home).
  19. Do you have a favourite object that has a flaw or two, what do you most like about that object?
  20. Describe a recent time that you were in nature. What did you notice?