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7 Spring flowering bulbs to plant in Autumn

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30 Creative & Slow Living Activities for Autumn

Autumn is a time of change, it is a great season for letting go of the old and starting something new. My friends and I always feel creative at this time of the year. The dark evenings lend themselves to slowing down, staying in, and working on new projects whether it being cooking, crafting, drawing or writing.

This list of slow-living activities has been created for you to try over the Autumn months. You may not be interested in every activity, but I hope you will find something that inspires you and that you will find at least one or two ideas a try.

The 7 Best Things About Autumn

In Ireland, people say that you can experience four different seasons of weather in one day, and that’s true, but the Autumns here are beautiful especially when you’re lucky enough to catch a bit of sun.

Autumn in Ireland starts on the 1st of September and ends on the 30th of November, it’s harvest season, and you can treat yourself to fresh apples and potatoes from local farms and gardens. Also, Ireland has many beautiful forests where you can enjoy a walk amongst the golden leaves while keeping an eye out for red squirrels.

7 Spring flowering bulbs to plant in Autumn

Autumn is upon us again, and it’s the time of year to get out into your garden and plant some beautiful Spring flowering bulbs. There are many varieties of Spring flowering bulbs to choose from and I’ve listed some gardeners’ favourites.

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